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New numismatic inventory of the Atlas

These five elements are just a sample of the recently added to our inventory. We have added new material in the World (148), Ancient (1), and WE (4) categories.

Model Napoleon 100 Francs

1067493 | FRANCE. Napoleon. (Emperor, 1804-1814). Model 1807 AE 100 Francs. PCGS SP65BN (Brown). By H. Vassalo. Edge: Plain. 11.94g. • NAPOLEON EMPEREUR// 1807. Roman-style bust on the right, inscribed H.VAS.F on the truncation / EMPIRE – FRANCAISE// 100 • FRANCS. Crown above the eagle facing right. Mazard 601b; Bramsen 677 variant.

Strongly struck Edward III Noble

1068252 | BRITAIN. England. Edward III. (King, 1327-77). (1361-69)-CAV Noble. PCGS MS65. Calais. 7.69g. ED-WARD DEI GRA REX ANGL DNS HYB Z AQ T. King standing in ship with straight sword and quartered shield, variety without flag in ship, legend and surrounding beaded circle, saltire stops on both sides / +IHC AVTEM TRANSIENS PER MEDIV ILLORVM IBAT. Mint mark “C” in the center of the ornamental cross; a lily at each terminal, crowns on lions in the corners, all in a beaded and linear weave, spandrel flowers. SCBC-1505; North 1235; Schneider 96.

Treaty period, group b.

Shilling George III in attractive tones

Unique Trial of Queen's Beasts Gold Dies Among New Coins at Atlas Numismatics

1067459 | BRITAIN. George III. (King, 1760-1820). 1787 AR Shilling. PCGS MS64. Edge: milled. GEORGIVS III – DEI GRATIA. Laureate bust in armor right; dot above head / F D B ET L D S R I A T ET E – M B F ET H REX. Hanoverian shield hearts; seven harp strings. KM 607.2; SCBC-3746; ESC-2129 (previously ESC-1225A).

Medal of the Florentine Academy of Fine Arts

Unique Trial of Queen's Beasts Gold Dies Among New Coins at Atlas Numismatics

1067591 | ITALIAN STATES. Kingdom of Napoleon. (circa 1812) Medal AR. PCGS SP65. By Carlo Siries. Florence. Edge: “BOGGIO MARCELLO 6 LUGLIO 1888 1° PREMIO DI SCULTURA”. 45mm. 35.23g. UN’EMULA VIRTU GLI ANIMI ACCENDA. Bust of Florence as Minerva wearing a raised helmet and a courier, right / ACCADEMIA FIORENTINA DELLE BELLE ARTI.*. Three intertwined wreaths, one of oak, two of laurel. Jules 2569; Turricchia 834.

Award Medal struck for the Florentine Academy of Fine Arts; The reverse is based on earlier medals by Santarelli, c. 1812.

Includes original case. Housed in an oversized stand.

Unique Royal Mint Essay

Unique Trial of Queen's Beasts Gold Dies Among New Coins at Atlas Numismatics

1068864 | BRITAIN. Elizabeth II. (Queen, 1952-present). 2021 AV 100 Pounds 1 oz. Bullion Die Trial Piece. NGC PR69DPL (Prooflike). By Jody Clark (obv.). The Royal Mint. Edge: Fluted. 32.96mm. 31.21g. Crowned bust, right / Small crowned bust and legend surrounded by the 10 beasts of the queen in a single drawing.

The Queen’s Beasts. Struck in 999.9 fine gold. Unique.

The obverse bears the ROYAL MINT TRIAL stamp as well as production hallmarks in the fields. Includes original case and Certificate of Authenticity #1. This is a limited edition presentation of 1.

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